Steam client now supports lancache!

Hi everyone, We have some great news that some of you may have already seen.

As of today’s Steam Client update, there is now full support in Steam for a lancache. The way it works is by setting a DNS override for pointing to the IP address of your cache server. The cache domains list at uklans/cache-domains has already been updated to include this and if you redeploy lancachenet/monolithic and lancachenet/lancache-dns containers, it will pick up the new hostname and work.

The Steam client will then use that cache server for all downloads. It will still make requests to the cache server using the hostname of the Valve content server to download from, but it will connect to your cache.

In addition, it will increase the maximum number of connections per IP from 4 to 32. This should solve the issue people have been seeing with slow initial downloads through lancache. It will also prevent the Steam Client from using Open Caching, which caused some downloads to not be cached correctly.

An example of it running from my local PC’s Steam client (on the beta before Christmas) - the content.log file contains:

[2019-12-21 17:15:14] Enabling local content cache at '::ffff:c0a8:1e80' from lookup of
[2019-12-21 17:15:14] Adding cache type 'LANCache' on host '::ffff:c0a8:1e80'
[2019-12-21 17:15:14] Got 30 download sources and 0 caching proxies via ContentServerDirectoryService::BYieldingGetServersForSteamPipe (4/0)
[2019-12-21 17:15:14] Created download interface of type 'SteamCache' (7) to host (
[2019-12-21 17:15:14] Created download interface of type 'SteamCache' (7) to host (
[2019-12-21 17:15:14] Created download interface of type 'SteamCache' (7) to host (
[2019-12-21 17:15:14] Created ipv4-only http client
[2019-12-21 17:15:14] HTTP (SteamCache,238) - ( /, host: AuthenticateDepotID (1521) - Success!
[2019-12-21 17:15:14] HTTP (SteamCache,238) - ( /, host: ::ffff:c0a8:1e80/depot/1521/manifest/6898858218219951821/5 - received 200 (OK) HTTP response
[2019-12-21 17:15:14] HTTP (SteamCache,43) - ( /, host: CDepotHTTPDownloadInterface::BYldTestConnection - Server response 'OK' (200)

I can’t thank Valve enough for all their help with this, they’ve been amazingly supportive of getting these changes in to Steam. They’re really interested in all your feedback about it, so if you have any feedback or comments on how well it’s working for you - stories, case studies, problems, statistics, etc. then please post them here or in our issue on Github

Please also spread the word about this to anyone you think might be interested in this.

SteamCache is rebranding to LanCache.Net, now with added Epic Games launcher support

As many of you know I’m one of the small team of maintainers on the steamcache/* docker images (along with @mintopia @GotenXiao @Lepidopterist @JasonRivers and @Astrolox). For some time now we have felt that we have long outgrown our steamcache roots and perhaps it was time to rebrand to the generic gaming cache which we now provide. After much consideration and some discussions with Multiplay and ChurchNerd we are proud to rebrand with immediate effect to LanCache.Net

All docker images have been updated and are available at we will continue to keep the steamcache images updated in line with these for the moment to ease migration but it’s well worth switching your images at the next opportunity.

Now, onto the REALLY big news!

The LanCache.Net and teams have been in discussions with the store team at Epic Games for the last few months. We are incredibly pleased to announce that with immediate effect Epic Games have migrated their CDNs and client to download over HTTP instead of HTTPS. This means those using our lancache-dns and monolithic containers will immediately be able to cache all games from the Epic Store!

This is still in beta testing right now (Pass -E DISABLE_EPIC_GAMES to the dns container if you wish to disable the EPIC store caching for the time being) but initial testing results are positive so we wanted to share this with you all as soon as possible. If you encounted any issues with epic then do raise an issue over at

Huge thanks everyone over at Epic Games for working with us to a solution on this, the rest of the LanCache.Net team and of course everyone who has contributed issues, feedback, issues and pull requests!

Happy Gaming


Note: Most containers retain their original names so steamcache/monolithic becomes lancachenet/monolithic. The only exception to this is steamcache/steamcache-dns which has become lancachenet/lancache-dns