Environment Variables

Monolithic and Generic’s behaviour is controlled by a wide variety of environment variables. They are detailed here along with the default values.

Changing Environment Variables

Recreating is ok

Changing environment variables in docker requires you to delete and recreate your containers. Don't worry, your cache data is safely stored OUTSIDE in a volume and will be reused by the new containers

If you are using docker-compose these variables can be changed by editing the .env file provided. If a specific variable does not exist in your version of the .env just add a new line.

If you are using docker from the command line environment variables are specified using -e VARIABLE=VALUE format when you launch the container.

General Settings

Variable Description


The github repo url for the cache_domains files to use to populate the cdn maps, if you do not want to use the recomended source for testing purposes.

Default:  https://github.com/uklans/cache-domains.git


The branch of the CACHE_DOMAINS_REPO to use

Default:  master


Turn off all git pull operations and use stored data

Default:  false


The upstream DNS server(s) the cache should use. The defaults are Google DNS. Multiple upstream dns servers are allowed, separated by semi colons (or spaces). Do NOT point this at lancache-dns.



The amount of memory the container should use for caching data

Default:  500m


The amount of disk space the container should use for caching data

Default:  1000000m


The maximum amount of time a file should be held in cache. There is usually no reason to reduce this - the cache will automatically remove the oldest content if it needs the space.

Default:  3560d

Advanced Settings


These settings really aren't meant to be changed very often, it is highly unlikely you want to change them unless it's been recommended by a team member or you REALLY know what you are doing

Variable Description


Default:  auto


Internal reference version. DO NOT CHANGE THIS.

Default:  2


Account NGINX runs under

Default:  www-data


How often the internal heart beat process runs

Default:  1h


Default:  3560


Default:  16


See this guide before changing this. It WILL invalidate any currently cached data.

Default:  1m


Default:  generic


Force a full permissions check on startup. When the container starts up normally, it checks a few key locations to ensure that they are owned by the correct user. This option will force the container to do a full check of all cache directories and files. THIS WILL BE VERY SLOW, AND MAY POSSIBLY TAKE HOURS.

Default:  false