Cache Domains


The uklans/cache-domains repository is a community generated list of hostnames that serve game related content that is cached by Monolithic. It is broken down by service / CDN and the aim is for this to be a definitive list of all domains you might want to cache.

Whilst lancache (monolithic and lancache-dns) includes this list by default, you can use your own fork / custom branch if you wish to add or remove any particular service.

Custom Forks/Branches

If you have your own fork (or branch) forked from uklans/cache-domains and would like to use it for testing purposes (before pushing it to the main branch) or cache from unofficially supported domains, then declare it with CACHE_DOMAINS_REPO including the full .git URL for your fork, for example:

docker run --restart unless-stopped --name lancache-dns --detach -p 53:53/udp -e USE_GENERIC_CACHE=true -e LANCACHE_IP=$HOST_IP -e CACHE_DOMAINS_REPO="" lancachenet/lancache-dns:latest


docker run --restart unless-stopped --name lancache --detach -v /cache/data:/data/cache -v /cache/logs:/data/logs -p 80:80 -e CACHE_DOMAINS_REPO="" lancachenet/monolithic:latest

which would use the cache domains from

Should you wish to run a custom branch you can also specify -e CACHE_DOMAINS_BRANCH="branch-name"

You should set this environment variable against both monolithic and lancache-dns as both make use of the information.